Regardless of the product in question, more expensive doesn’t necessarily translate to a superior quality, which is the case with tires. There are other factors that impact whether a tire can be truly considered a better product for your specific usage.  Jay’s Garage Portland auto repair shop team routinely advises clients to choose the best tire, which may not be the most expensive tire on the market.

Here are 3 reasons why expensive tires are not automatically really worth it simply due to the higher price tag:


  1. Irrespective of price, tires are rated based on the use for which they were manufactured. If you own a lifted truck, you will not want to spend a great deal of money on high dollar racing tires that will not hold up to the wear and tear that your vehicle will place on them.
  2. Expensive tires do not always have the best consumer reviews nor are expensive tires always made by top rated manufacturers. Consumer reviews will tell you if a tire is worth its price tag. Before you choose a tire, beware of sticking with a certain manufacturer that has good reviews concerning the company itself. Conduct research about the company and the specific tire you are considering to ensure it holds up to consumer expectations.
  3. Expensive tires down to the lowest cost tires will not perform to a manufacturer’s claims of durability if your vehicle is in need of repair. Prior to opening your wallet for new tires, be certain your vehicle will also be assessed for wheel alignment and brake repair.

In some cases, the most expensive tire may in fact be a better product for your usage. However, unless you are armed with the type of tire your vehicle requires, review the specifications about the tire you are considering and conduct thorough research into the product, you will likely spend more than needed and the tires may require replacement much quicker than you anticipated. Working with a tire expert, like a member of the Jay’s Garage automotive team, will ensure you invest in the best tire for your vehicle and driving style, not simply purchase an expensive tire.

Since 1981, Jay’s Garage has provided trustworthy advice to our clients on which tires are affordable, best matched and long-lasting for their vehicles. If the tread is worn on your vehicle’s tires, contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff today by calling (503) 239-5167 to schedule a comprehensive service appointment by the tire experts of Jay’s Garage in Portland, OR.

Are More Expensive Tires Really Worth It?