At Jay’s Garage, we’ve been changing and repairing car batteries at our auto repair and tune-up shop in Portland since 1981. When a vehicle’s battery doesn’t hold a charge, frequent jump-starts or stalling will occur.

There is also the possibility that your battery is fine, but your alternator is not working properly. The alternator takes the energy from your engine and charges your battery while also supplying excess energy to your car’s electrical system. If your alternator isn’t working properly, your battery won’t charge as your drive, and it’ll seem as if your battery is broken.

Common Battery Problems

Sometimes though, it truly is just an issue with your battery. Some of these prevalent issues include:Alternator Car Battery Issues

  • Difficulty starting: This is the most common issue and can be your starter, alternator or battery.
  • Lights dimming: A common issue seen when alternators go bad. The vehicle’s interior or exterior lights may not fully illuminate.
  • Dead batteries: Fully dead batteries that need to be jump-started to get the car running again.

If you think your battery is suffering from any of these problems, you should immediately get your vehicle to a trusted local technician like those that work at Jay’s Garage in Portland.

Battery Diagnostics and Repair

If your do bring your vehicle into Jay’s Garage, here’s what will happen. The first thing we do is check the charge level of the battery. If the level is high, there is likely another problem that is causing your battery-related issues.

We will then charge batteries to see if they hold a charge. In the event that the battery does not hold a charge, a replacement battery meant for your make and model will be recommended. Batteries that do hold a sufficient charge will have another underlying issue – namely alternator problems.

Car Battery MaintenanceLike we explained earlier, the job of the alternator is to recharge the battery while the vehicle is running. If the alternator is not working optimally, your battery will not be recharged adequately, causing dead batteries. Some vehicles that are driven infrequently will also have a dead battery that simply needs a recharge on a long drive.

We’ll take a look at all of the possibilities to ensure you really need a battery change and that there isn’t a bigger repair that needs immediate attention – like something wrong with your transmissionyour power steering, or your brakes.

Jay’s Garage is a trusted name in car batteries in Portland. We have spent over 30+ years in auto repair service performing diagnostics on batteries. We also handle all routine car maintenance like oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations.

If your vehicle isn’t starting on a cold morning or you need to have your vehicle frequently jump started, it’s time to give Jay’s Garage a call at (503) 239-5167.