Engine Repair and Tune UpYour vehicle’s engine needs to be maintained and repaired properly to ensure that your vehicle runs well past the 100,000 mile mark. Sluggish performance or a check engine light are often the first signs that an engine needs to be repaired immediately. Waiting too long can lead to engine wear and tear, or severe internal damage to components like your transmission that leads to costly repairs.

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Diagnostic Procedures

A proper diagnostic of your vehicle’s engine is the first step we’ll take to determine what repairs an engine needs. We’ll never try to pressure you into costly engine repairs unless we 100% believe that it is in the best interest of you and your vehicle. Our diagnostics start with the following:

  1. If a check engine light is illuminated, we will run a scan on your vehicle’s computer to find out what’s wrong internally. Hopefully, it’s just something wrong with the electrical system or air conditioning unit, and not something wrong with the engine.
  2. Engines that are sluggish often need minor repairs. We will talk to you about previous repairs and maintenance to pinpoint the issue.
  3. Our technicians will perform hands-on diagnostics and take your car for a drive if necessary to determine what repairs may be needed.

Engine Emission ControlRepairing Engines

At Jay’s Garage, we have been working on and tuning-up vehicles since 1971 – so we know engines inside and out. Our technicians have worked on virtually every make and model’s engine in the world. If we can’t fix it – no one can.

Your engine knocking or stalling is common and an easy fix most of the time. An oil leak can cause knocking or a clogged fuel filter, or an injector can cause routine stalling. We’ll find the culprit and provide you with the list of recommended engine repairs for your vehicle. It’s essential that you make timely repairs so your engine lasts the lifetime of ownership – or as long as possible – and doesn’t degrade due to poor engine maintenance.

If your vehicle’s engine is running sluggishly, you hear a knocking sound, or you need any kind of auto repair service in Portland, it’s time to give the Portland car tune-up experts at Jay’s Garage a call at (503) 239-5167.