Reliable Auto Repair in Portland Oregon Since 1971

After serving in the military,  Jay Dykeman returned to Portland with $1500 to his name.  With that money, he rented the garage at a Texaco station in Southeast Portland and began repairing cars in September of 1971.  Having no formal training in auto repair, he started reading repair manuals and never looked back.  As Jay says, “It was a good thing that I’m a reader.”In 1981, Jay moved his garage to its current location on the corner of 7th and Morrison.  By this time, Jay became known as the Honda and Subaru repair expert of Portland.  In the early 90’s, Jay jumped into the computer revolution and updated his garage to correctly service the new computerized cars.  The auto repair service needs were changing fast, the focus was more on maintenance and computer chips than it was on engine overhauls or exchanges.Jay knew the skill level of his auto mechanics had to change with the times, he began hiring only ASE certified technicians that could read lab scopes for waveforms and use sensitive electronic gauges to determine current loads on components ranging from electric fuel pumps to computer controlled alternators and fuel injectors, all the while burning a variety of fuels and fuel blends, accommodating driving habits and styles of his customers, and delivering livable fuel economy and emissions.In 2007, Jay’s began going green by carrying biodiesel and E85 ethanol gas to help reduce car emissions and help the environment.  Jay believes in renewable fuel and is glad that he can do his part to help our environment.  Having 40+ mpg is an added bonus!

Current owner, Miles, has been working for Jay’s Garage since 2003 and purchased the store in 2013. Miles runs our garage the same way it has been run for years. Miles believes that customers should always leave happy and feel that they and their vehicles have been given the highest level of care.

Jay explains his business,  “my feeling is that the car dictates the service it needs, and our job is to be the translator between the car and the owner… determine the repairs and service needs and explain it to the owner in a language that we can all understand.  At Jay’s we are all dedicated, caring, skilled… this is what we are about… effective communication between the technician, service writer, and vehicle owner results in satisfied customers and employees.”

Quality Auto Repair Portland

Jay’s Garage is a full service auto repair shop servicing cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s since 1981. We are conveniently located in the heart of Portland’s Central East-Side at the corner of SE 7th and Morrison. We hire the top Portland auto mechanics and some are ASE Certified Master Technicians that have experience in all areas of auto repair services. Here at Jay’s, we take a proactive approach to comprehensive car care with emphasis on preventative maintenance and service.  From oil changes to engine replacement, Jay’s Garage is here for all of your automotive needs. Come on down and see us!