When you have problems with your vehicle’s brakes, the stopping power of your car may be compromised. The experts in the brake shop of Jay’s Garage in Portland, OR, have diagnosed and repaired every conceivable issue possible with braking systems on many late and modern makes, models and years of automobiles and trucks. While today’s braking systems are significantly more complex than those of the past due to innovations in technology, our brake technicians can reliably fix any brake problem you have with your car. Call us for your next brake service at (503) 239-5167!

To solve the biggest problems with car brakes, you can bring your vehicle into Jay’s Garage for speedy, dependable brake repair service and also read these 5 common problems that might shed some light on your braking issues:

  1. Frozen caliper: When a caliper is seizing up, your vehicle will pull to one side during driving and your brake pad on the affected wheel(s) will wear out quickly. If your vehicle has a frozen caliper or worn caliper pistons, your caliper might be able to be reconditioned or you may need a new caliper if it is irreparably worn or leaking brake fluid.
  2. Worn brake pads: As brake pads wear down, you may hear a whining or squealing noise, which is a telltale sign you need new brake pads. You may also feel a shimmy in your steering wheel if your brake pads need to be replaced.
  3. Damaged brake rotors: If you continue to drive your vehicle with worn brake pads, you may start to damage your brake rotors, which is evidenced by a grinding sound when you depress the brake and points to replacement.
  4. Leaks: It can be tough to find the source of leaks when it originates from some point in the braking system. Leaks in the brake lines are easier to spot than a leak from the master cylinder. If you are losing brake fluid, you need new lines or a master cylinder replacement.
  5. Master cylinder failure: When the master cylinder begins to fail, you will notice that the brake pedal sinks to the floor, which means it’s time to replace the master cylinder.

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Problems with your vehicle’s braking system are dangerous malfunctions that can have disastrous consequences, especially if the master cylinder is involved. Jay’s Garage is a AAA approved automotive repair center that can quickly diagnose and repair your car’s braking issues. Schedule a service appointment today by calling (503) 239-5167 and make sure your brakes won’t fail when you need them most.

Biggest Problems with Car Brakes