Adverse weather conditions lead to countless accidents on the roadways across the country. In Oregon, rain is a very real concern for drivers as it falls for 2/3 of the year. With the common occurrence of heavy rainstorms, rain is widely found by accident investigation teams to be a mitigating factor of a significant number of accidents annually. At Jay’s Garage, we want all Oregon drivers to practice safe driving during inclement weather to protect themselves and their neighbors. Therefore, here are 6 tips from our Portland auto repair shop on how to drive safely in the rain:

  1. how-to drive-safely-in-the-rainSlow down. Driving slower affords you with more time to stop and act quickly when needed.
  2. Turn on your lights. Visibility is greatly reduced in heavy rain, which makes it difficult for other drivers to see your car. Ensuring that your headlights, fog lights and tail lights are in working order and illuminated with help other drivers pinpoint the location of your vehicle.
  3. Turn on your defroster. A clear windshield can suddenly become fogged up when driving in the rain, which dangerously impedes your vision. Periodically check that your defroster is functioning before heading out in the rain.
  4. Know when to pull over or wait until the storm subsides. If you are apprehensive about the rainstorm, don’t hesitate to pull over or postpone your departure until the rain decreases in intensity or stops.
  5. Be prepared for hydroplaning. If your vehicle begins to hydroplane, lift your foot off of the gas pedal, do not press on the brake and keep both of your hands on the steering wheel to maintain control. After your vehicle regains its traction, lightly depress the brake pedal to slow down your vehicle.
  6. Schedule tire maintenance appointments. During a maintenance appointment, your Jay’s Garage team will ensure your tires are properly inflated and in good condition with a safe amount of tread left to withstand the waterlogged pavement. Underinflated tires and tires with 2/32 of an inch of tread remaining do not provide the traction needed to traverse wet surfaces.

Maintaining the condition of your tires and brakes will assist in your vehicle’s ability to safely transport you and your passengers in rainy conditions. Schedule an evaluation or an auto maintenance appointment with Jay’s Garage of Portland, OR, by calling (503) 239-5167. At Jay’s Garage, our ASE certified technicians will complete your vehicle’s inspection in a timely manner and perform all approved services with the highest degree of care and unparalleled workmanship. Become one of our satisfied clients today!

How to Drive Safely in the Rain