does-driving-slower-make-your-car-last-longerWhen your car faces either one or two major repairs or a series of costly auto repair services that occur one after another, you will undoubtedly ask yourself, “Should I get rid of it or fix it?” Many vehicle owners ask themselves that very question. In fact, since 1981, the professional advice of Jay’s Garage has been sought by clients whom wonder whether it is time to purchase a different vehicle or invest in repair of their current vehicle.

If your vehicle has you questioning its reliability and soundness, here are 5 signs to look for that will assist you in the decision-making process to replace or repair your car.

  1. Book value: For some car owners, the cost to repair the vehicle exceeds its book value. Before committing to a major repair, research your vehicle’s current value and then decide how much more you are willing to put into it as invariably more repairs will crop up in the future.
  2. Maintenance: If your vehicle requires numerous maintenance-related services, it does not necessarily indicate that replacing the vehicle is a justifiable consideration. While sudden maintenance services can be expensive if you have not adhered to a maintenance schedule, there are parts on every vehicle that will eventually demand replacement, such as hoses, belts, filters, spark plugs, brake pads, battery, alternator, etc.
  3. Parts: Brand new parts can be quite pricey. An estimate to repair can be reduced to a more affordable price point if you ask the automotive center to utilize re-manufactured, reconditioned or used parts.
  4. Labor: Depending upon the complexity or tediousness of the work that must be performed to repair your vehicle, the labor hours needed may account for the majority of the repair bill. It is wise to seek a quote from a reputable automotive center, like Jay’s Garage, which employs technologically-advanced equipment that decreases the need for extensive man hours and, thus, provides you with a less expensive auto repair bill.
  5. Engine or Transmission: If your vehicle requires a new or rebuilt engine or transmission, the cost to repair may warrant a serious deliberation of the feasibility of purchasing a new vehicle. However, prior to proceeding with a purchase, seek a second opinion from Jay’s Garage’s ASE certified technicians to evaluate if such a major repair is mandatory.

Jay’s Garage is a respected and trusted auto repair center in Portland, OR. We will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and provide you with a fair, detailed estimate to repair your vehicle. Don’t make a hasty decision to replace your vehicle or end up paying too much for your auto repair services — schedule an evaluation of your car today by calling (503) 239-5167.

Should I Get Rid of My Car or Fix It?