At Jay’s Garage in Portland, a large number of our clients are surprised when we recommend buying new tires during their preventative maintenance or repair appointment as they aren’t aware their tires require replacement. However, knowing when your vehicle needs new tires and avoiding a flat or blow-out are easy for any motorist who is armed with a little tire knowledge from the tire shop experts of Jay’s Garage. Here are 5 signs that it’s the best time to buy new tires:

  1. The tread is worn down. Excessively worn tread can result in bald or flat spots, metal threads (steel tire belts) showing and lead to a dangerous blow-out. Yet, assessing moderate tread wear can be harder to decipher, so conducting the “Penny Test” is the best way to determine if you need new tires. If you place penny in the tread grooves and you can see all of Lincoln’s head, then your tires are worn beyond 2/32 of an inch and you need new tires.
  2. The tires are showing visible cracking. Cracks on the outside of the tread and on the sidewall indicate deterioration of the rubber compound, which can occur as a tire ages. If see cracking, you need to buy new tires despite the level of tread depth left on the tires.
  3. You need to keep adding air to your tires. Loss of air can indicate a slow leak. Some leaks can be repaired, while others require tire replacement.
  4. The snowy or rainy season is approaching. If your tires are low on tread or over 5 years old, you should have them checked to discover whether it’s time to buy new tires to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive in adverse weather conditions.
  5. You are planning a road trip. One of the best times to buy new tires is when you bring your car in for servicing prior to an extended road trip. It’s important to be certain your tires can withstand the stresses of the trip or you are risking tire failure.

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Since 1981, the experts in Jay’s Garage tire shop have inspected the integrity of our clients’ tires and guided them in purchasing the best quality and most affordable tires for their vehicles. If the tread on your tires are worn or you think it’s time to have your tires inspected, contact the team auto repair shop in Portland today by calling (503) 239-5167. Always be safe on the road by keeping your tires in good condition!

When is the Best Time to Buy New Tires